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THE AZUKIWASHERS Left to right: Shun Nakata (Ba), Kenta Mizutani (Gt), Yu Sawada (Vo, Gt), Keita Shinbo (Dr)

Nakaochi Robo (Music Video)


Multinational old school death metal pop band: THE AZUKIWASHERS released the 2nd album. It has been the first time for 4 years since they released the 1st album “Inonci”. The members dispersed for Japan, India and Vietnam finally are over the countries and flew up in the air, through this masterpiece.

There is no time to list their anecdotes. “FREESTYLE SKI” or “Sirarponcaca”? The title would seem controversial. Crazy deflection width ever than the previous works. Check it out.

It is worth noting that the contact between the reporter and the barbarians was very tense this time. Let’s go ahead.

―Firstly, congratulations for the release of 2nd album “Sirarponcaca”! Although it’s been for 4 years since you released the 1st album “Inonci”, what happened for The Azukiwashers?

Yu Sawada (Yu / Vo, Gt) : Rebuilt my parents' house.


Sawada house.

―OK, got it. More story in detail welcomes.

Kenta Mizutani (Kenta / Gt) : Went back from Vietnam to Japan. Well, iIt might be a little different from the rebuilt.

Keita Shinbo (Keita / Dr) : I’ve been performing double bass drums for 4 years, 24/7.

Shun Nakata (Shun / Ba) : Yep, meanwhile I acquired the technique of “double bass guitars”.


Yu and Keita. It seems that took between 2016-2019.

―Watched your new MV “Nakaochi Robo”! At the section of “double bass guitars” by Shun, even the volcano erupted! I knew you guys could do it but barbarian must be there.

Yu : Mt. Fuji. You know? Haven’t you seen a news program that it erupted, ha? We climbed the mountain until the 8th station to take the scene.

Kenta : Yeah it should be… September, 2019 so that it was immediately before the winter Fuji. Just a little bit thrilling experience, I mean, my shred guitars are more extreme though.

Yu : Seriously downhill is a problem than uphill. Damn, have you ever heard swivel?

―No, please give it for us.

Keita : You know? The principle of flying airplane. Flying lump iron. As the same of that.

Shun : Speaking of airplanes… How Kenta went back from Vietnam to Japan?

Kenta : Exactly swivel.

Yu : Also random check in the airport didn’t you?


No fear at randam check for Kenta. About to erupt: Shun.

―Alright, let’s move on the album. I’d like ask you describe for each song… Of course I got preparation for this. #6 “Nakaochi Robo”, this must be a lead track.

Keita : Is that right? I know it right now.

Shun : Certainly I performed “double bass guitars” on it though…, isn’t it a bit different from the fact?

Kenta : “Burning Illusion” is the one. Properties float in the air. Cool!

Yu : Excuse me everybody, I don’t understand at all what you’re talking on. Which album? Maybe is this a topic for the album “FREESTYLE SKI”?


"Sirarponcaca" Artwork.

"Chou-kyodai Kaisen Nabe 2" from the 2nd album (Music Video)

―Oh my. “Sirarponcaca” shouldn’t be?

Frozen air drifts... At that time, smiles disappeared from the barbarians.

Shun : What are you saying? Get out from here right now!

Keita, Kenta : Get out! Get out!

―I'm truly sorry yesterday. Both of us have cooled our heads so that I'd like to resume the topic last time.

Yu : We’re glad that you know the right title “FREESTYLE SKI”.

Kenta : There might be another option though.


No smile barbarians.

―This is the first time in 4 years, therefore, I’m expecting more deeper stories...

Keita : The release at this time has a profound significance.

Kenta : To build a house for perfectionist swd, we had to work like a slave. Seriously we thought disband.

Yu : The floor plan was a tough mission. My parent’s home.

Shun : Crazy!

―Musical equipment?

Keita : This time again, endorsement partner Pearl and Zildjian really took care for us.There is no trigger sound in “Sirarponcaca”. You’ll be able to enjoy their very direct sound.

Shun : Warwick, 5 strings bass guitars. It’s flown a couple of times when attempted “double bass guitars”! But durable even from it. German Metal!

Kenta : Usual PRS and… What was that? Foo bar baz amplifiers. Totally clear sound isn’t it? Unfortunately I forgot the name of amplifier, however, VeroCity Effects Pedals is the one to recommend.

Yu : I’m a guitar player. I recorded with the guitar. 6 strings there. No worries.

"Majigire Circus" from the 2nd album (Music Video)

―What will happen after this release?

Shun : Do you know “YouTube”? That is totally cool and everything is ready. I’m gonna make a living as a YouTuber!

Kenta : Dude, I’m already a YouTuber! You know? I collaborated with a friend in India.

Keita : Recently I’m crazy at making Udon. Exactly from its noodles.

Yu : Shut up man! You must be a loser! I'm leading a Soba faction! The Azukiwashers is gonna disband!

Again, we're introducing MV "Nakaochi Robo" and its lyrics from the 2nd album "Sirarponcaca". Must check them out!

"Nakaochi Robo" from the 2nd album (Music Video)

One by one missing at fishy processing plant
Anyone else in this town?

Impossible escaping from Nakaochi Robo

Just come out Nakaochi Robo
That child and that child are sucked
You are also sucked
Awful preparation

At the bottom of the abyss
Stripping you off at night (Akudi)
It may be awkward to prepare
Bone and body never return

Reduced to paste

No blood or tears, eradication misrable to see
Wow Wow
Human Genocide, remains buried in the dark

Naoaochi Nakaochi

When come out from Robo
Already you are Nakaochi (Don!)
It must be awkward to prepare
Pitiful you are Nakauchi (Don!)

Don! Don! Nakaochi Don!
Don! Don! Nakaochi! (Wo Wo Wo)
Don! Don! Nakaochi Don! (Nakaochi Don!)
Don! Don! Nakaochi! (Nakaochi Don!)





Literally it’s time to revival of Metal Justice - Their styles are covering music histories from 1970-201X like a dreaming time machine for the crazies. Kaleidoscope singings and guttural voices will destroy your imagination might have in a saturated loud music scene. Ultra fast double pedals, slapping like a storm and shred licks are ready for you kids falling into the love 80’s, plus, you’ll be faced with warm melodies you had been listened to in your childhood. They must be a kind of roller coaster running on a rail illustrating music histories, however, originated with old-school DEATH METAL though. Welcome to our museum. The Azukiwashers will light your fuse again!

2020.08.032nd Album [Sirarponcaca] Released.
2020.03.223rd Single [Chou-kodai Kaisen Nabe 2] Released.
2019.12.252nd Single [Majigire Circus] Released.
2019.07.311st Single [Death Metal Chahan] Released.
2016.02.241st Album [Inonci] Released.
2016.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas as their 2nd USA tour.
2014.01.132nd EP [THE AZUKIWASHERS] Released.
2014.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma as their 1st USA tour.
2014.01.01Show in SAN ANTONIO NEW YEARS DAY PUNKFEST 2014 with YOUTH BRIGADE(CA) and Lower Class Brats(TX).
2013.07.17Show with Giant Battle Monster(TX) in Tokyo, Japan.
2012.11.18Show with RED NOVA(SWE) in Tokyo, Japan.
2011.09.091st EP [toykikkik] Released.
2010.02.201st DEMO [Syukyo-saiban] Released.


Recorded at Recording Studio GOATEE

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Hiroshi Omoto (VIGILANTE, VeroCity Effects Pedals)

Drum Tech: Tomohisa Q Nakazato (FlatLandCoil, Drum’n People)

Photography: Sekine Fleming (@skn0530)