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New Album "Sirarponcaca"






Yu Sawada
Keita Shinbo
Shun Nakata


Literally it’s time to revival of Metal Justice - Their styles are covering music histories from 1970-201X like a dreaming time machine for the crazies. Kaleidoscope singings and guttural voices will destroy your imagination might have in a saturated loud music scene. Ultra fast double pedals, slapping like a storm and shred licks are ready for you kids falling into the love 80’s, plus, you’ll be faced with warm melodies you had been listened to in your childhood. They must be a kind of roller coaster running on a rail illustrating music histories, however, originated with old-school DEATH METAL though. Welcome to our museum. The Azukiwashers will light your fuse again!
2020.08.032nd Album [Sirarponcaca] Released.
2020.03.223rd Single [Chou-kodai Kaisen Nabe 2] Released.
2019.12.252nd Single [Majigire Circus] Released.
2019.07.311st Single [Death Metal Chahan] Released.
2016.02.241st Album [Inonci] Released.
2016.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas as their 2nd USA tour.
2014.01.132nd EP [THE AZUKIWASHERS] Released.
2014.01.06Tour in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma as their 1st USA tour.
2014.01.01Show in SAN ANTONIO NEW YEARS DAY PUNKFEST 2014 with YOUTH BRIGADE(CA) and Lower Class Brats(TX).
2013.07.17Show with Giant Battle Monster(TX) in Tokyo, Japan.
2012.11.18Show with RED NOVA(SWE) in Tokyo, Japan.
2011.09.091st EP [toykikkik] Released.
2010.02.201st DEMO [Syukyo-saiban] Released.


メタル・ジャスティス復活の時が来た ― 彼らのスタイルは、クレイジー達にとって夢のタイムマシンのように1970-201X年の音楽の歴史を網羅する。 万華鏡のような歌謡とガテラル・ヴォイスは、飽和したラウドミュージックシーンに抱いているあなたの想像を破壊するだろう。 超高速ダブル・ペダル、嵐のようなスラップ、そしてシュレッド・リックが、キッズたちを80年代に恋させる。 そして、あなたは幼少時代に耳にしたような穏やかなメロディーをも耳にすることだろう。 まさにこれは、音楽の歴史を描くレールを走るジェットコースターのようだ。起源は紛れもなく、オールドスクール・デスメタルだがね。 我々の博物館へようこそ。ジ・アズキウォッシャーズが、あなたの導火線に炎を灯す!
2020.08.032nd Album [シラルポンチャチャ] リリース。
2020.03.223rd Single [超巨大海鮮鍋-2-] リリース。
2019.12.252nd Single [マジギレサーカス] リリース。
2019.07.311st Single [デスメタルチャーハン] リリース。
2016.02.241st Album [イノンチ] リリース。
2014.01.132nd EP [THE AZUKIWASHERS] リリース。
2014.01.01SAN ANTONIO NEW YEARS DAY PUNKFEST 2014にて、YOUTH BRIGADE(CA), Lower Class Brats(TX)と共演。
2013.07.17Giant Battle Monster(TX)と東京で共演。
2012.11.18RED NOVA(SWE)と東京で共演。
2011.09.091st EP [toykikkik] リリース。
2010.02.201st DEMO [宗教裁判] リリース。


Chou-kyodai Kaisen Nabe 2
Majigire Circus
Death Metal Chahan


2021.04.10CycloneShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2021.02.06GuiltyShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2019.10.06Live FreakShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2018.02.18BabelTachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
2017.11.04Hearts+Otsuka, Tokyo, Japan
2017.03.26Live FreakShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2016.07.02La.mamaShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2016.04.24AubeShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2016.01.04RBC (Red Blood Club)Dallas, TX, USA
2016.01.03Sol HouseLittle Rock, AR, USA
2016.01.02Drunken MonkeyGalveston, TX, USA
2016.01.01The MixSan Antonio, TX, USA
2016.01.01The KorovaSan Antonio, TX, USA
2015.12.31BoneshakersCorpus Christi, TX, USA
2015.12.30Downtown Bar and GrillVictoria, TX, USA
2015.12.29Cork GrindersBaytown, TX, USA
2015.07.04SUNFACEShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2015.03.28GUILTYShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2014.06.14FLATNishi-ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan
2014.04.05CRESCENDOKichijoji, Tokyo, Japan
2014.01.13HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2014.01.04Vanishing PointGalveston, TX, USA
2014.01.03The GigBeaumont, TX, USA
2014.01.02The AnnexAustin, TX, USA
2014.01.02House Show(5103 Alsace Trail)Austin, TX, USA
2014.01.01Korova(San Antonio Punkfest 2014)San Antonio, TX, USA
2013.12.31Super Happy FunlandHouston, TX, USA
2013.12.31House ShowHouston, TX, USA
2013.12.30Three LinksDallas, TX, USA
2013.12.29Twisted RootOklahoma City, OK, USA
2013.12.28The WeaselLittle Rock, AR, USA
2013.12.23CLUB CRAWLShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.11.10MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.11.09MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.10.26CYCLONEShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.10.05HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2013.09.15MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.09.07OUTBREAKYotsuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.08.25CLUB CRAWLShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.07.17OUTBREAKYotsuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.07.13MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.06.22CLUB CRAWLShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.05.11MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.04.13MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.03.30MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2013.03.03THE GAMEShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.02.17HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2013.02.02CHELSEA HOTELShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.01.19OUTBREAKYotsuya, Tokyo, Japan
2013.01.13MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.12.23HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2012.12.08MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.11.18MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.10.21HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2012.10.08MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.09.23HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2012.08.26RUIDO K3Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2012.07.22RUIDO K3Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2012.06.24RUIDO K3Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2012.05.13MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.04.08RED-ZONEOtsuka, Tokyo, Japan
2012.03.24HEADPOWERShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2012.02.12MISSIONSKoenji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.01.29RIPSHachioji, Tokyo, Japan
2012.01.14GUILTYShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2011.12.18RED-ZONEOtsuka, Tokyo, Japan
2011.11.06RIPSHachioji, Tokyo, Japan
2011.10.10GUILTYShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2011.09.18CHOPIkebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2011.02.05CHOPIkebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2010.12.04CHOPIkebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2010.10.17CHOPIkebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
2010.09.19TAKE OFF 7Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2010.07.10Live FreakShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2010.06.05MosaicShimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan
2010.05.08Live FreakShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2010.02.20AubeShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2009.12.12AubeShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2009.11.29RUIDO K4Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
2009.10.10KabutoShibuya, Tokyo, Japan